The brave boy left his helpless puppy in front of the shelter with a heartbreaking note…
A 12-year-old teenager living in Mexico left his puppy in front of the nearest animal shelter.The dog was lying at the door with the toys and only when
After surgery the blind dog saw his owners for the first time…
For the first time a blind dog name Duffy can see his family.He had the most touching reaction when he finally saw people who supported him in the
Wildlife keeper helps bears sleep by lying down with them…
This is a real story about a wildlife keeper who took on a funny role:to help bears fall asleep.Such an expression of selfless devotion is worthy of the
Despite the hunger the dog,having received a sausage,took it to the cat…
The red dog named Weisi spent all his life on the street.Every day he had to get food on his own.Weisi rarely met good people on his way,much
The family refused to pay $20 for the lost dog,saying that it was «not worth it».
Jake,a blind dog,was found in a poor alley in Los Angeles,very upset by the experience of street life.He was rescued by employees of a dog rescue organization,who were
Mother-tigress left her babies but a golden retriever came to the rescue.
Not all living beings are endowed with maternal instinct.It manifests especially strong in dogs.Especially in such a kind and caring breed as a golden retriever. But wild cats,including
Abandoned puppies were rescued and now they are waiting for the owner.
The heart breaks when we hear or see these weak and vulnerable small creatures being irresponsibly thrown away.They are at the age when they need care and love
Mother-dog with her puppies waited for their owner for several days,not knowing that they were abandoned…
Dogs are human best friends,but unfortunately not everyone thinks so.Every day,every hour there are still so many dogs around us that they are mistreated. Fortunately,there are still amazing
The girl fought for a puppy who was poorly fed and hardly walked by negligent owners!
Another little puppy almost fell victim to human cruelty.Fortunately,he was saved by a kind girl named Emma. The pet was weak and very dirty.The girl had a huge
The owner made a bed on wheels for his sick dog so that she could enjoy the sunset on the beach!
Tom Antonio,an American from the state of Georgia,spent many months on vacation on the beach with his life and a dog named Cocoa.However,by the age of sixteen,this once
«Will you come to live with me?» the girl asked a dog who tried to sleep outside in the pouring rain.
Elizabeth was walking home dreaming of getting warm as soon as possible and hiding from the pouring rain.And then she noticed a dog lying outside. The girl felt
People noticed that the seal on the stones didn’t move and sounded the alarm.
Walking along the beach in England,people noticed a young seal sitting on the rocks.At first,everyone thought that the baby was just resting,but on the way back seeing that
The woman did not close the door of the car and soon she found a dog in the back seat!
Michelle Hennessy has just finished feeding her parrots.The woman did not close the door of the car while washing the plates for birds.Her friend lived next door,and Michelle
Surprise from a forest guest:a squirrel came to people and surprised them with her behavior!
This charming squirrel was pulled out of the clutches of the predator,and she stayed with her family.But soon baby Bella had to go to the forest and live
The cat,left without a mistress,lost weight but,fortunately,she fell into good hands!
Animals have a hard time if they lose their owners.Not only their little hearts are broken,but also they have to fight for life.Most often,pets are not needed by