On the roof of the house during a heavy rain,the guy noticed a newborn kitten and saved him.

If you think there is no kindness left in the world,this story will prove that you are wrong.On the first day of his life,the kitten was very lucky and among thousands of people on his way met someone whose heart did not harden with indifference.

Ray Vargas often worked in the evenings,on this day he was happy that he could work at home,because there was a heavy rain outside.Suddenly,Ray heard a quiet squeak through the sounds of rain.Despite the rain,the guy immediately went outside to find the one who called him for help.

He saw a tiny kitten on the roof of his barn.The baby was all wet from the rain and completely helpless,because he was barely born and has not even opened his eyes yet.Someone threw the baby on the roof,condemning him to death.
Ray couldn’t leave the kitten on the street and took it into his house.After drying and warming the baby,he fed him using a pipette.Then Ray and the kitten went to the vet to check the baby’s health.

The veterinarian said that the kitten was all right and also said that it was a girl.The guy decided to keep the kitten,calling it Gracie.
The kitten grew up quickly and now it’s a beautiful cat that just loves its owner and tries to spend every minute with him.

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