Neighbors warned us,if they see dogs,they’ll report us about it.

Something happened that we did not expect — the fence fell,leaving our dogs unable to walk.We have finished building enclosures and our wards have already celebrated the housewarming party,and we have deleted another item from the list of problems.

During the day,dogs could walk around the territory,and in the evening everyone was locked in comfortable enclosures.
We understood that it needed to repair it so we decided that we could do on our own.Dogs are cared for only by girls,we can’t do hard work,but to hire people not with free money.

The fence fell unexpectedly,taking the chance,the dogs ran to explore neighboring areas.
On this day,everyone came to help us:neighbors,district police officers,friends of neighbors.The dog and I wished us a lot of unpleasant things,expressed a lot of criticism and trampled the site.At the end,the neighbors issued a warning that when dogs appear on their site,they would deal with them themselves.

Of course,it’s not quite right to send a dog for a walk when we’re not around,but forcing them to sit in enclosures all day also seems wrong to me.It was our fault that we couldn’t assemble it on a new fence or repair it well with out women’s team.I see no other way out of the situation than asking for help.

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