He used a dog for breeding,and when he became unnecessary,he threw it into the trash can.

In one of the cities in Ohio,passers-by heard the squeal of a dog coming from a huge garbage can.Employees of the shelter located in a neighboring city found out about the dog,they immediately went to the place.

After a huge garbage can,there was a pit bull girl.The dog was scared and it was shaking…The volunteers immediately understood that the dog was thrown by its owners.

«I don’t understand why to do this to the animal.Even if you don’t need it anymore,you can’t throw a dog in the trash.You could just call the shelter,we would take the pit bull,it would be much less stressful for the animal,»says the shelter employee.
The volunteers took the dog to the shelter and carefully examined it there.There were a lot of fresh wound and scars on the animal’s body.It is quite possible that this dog never knew affection on the part of a person.

The dog was named Phoenix and shown to a veterinarian.Pit bull will need treatment,during which she will live in a shelter and be observed by a veterinarian.
After they learned about Phoenix on social media,there were details about her past life.Employees of the shelter learned that the girl lived in a nursery and was needed by the owners only to give birth to puppies for sale.Phoenix served selfish people as a living incubator,no one was interested in her suffering associated with the constant reproduction of offspring.

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