He saved a man’s life by giving his own life.History of self-sacrifice of the dog Rex.

A group of man from America worked in one of the African countries,in Liberia and the dog named Rex was their guard and friend at the same time.
Dogs are very rare on this continent and are known only as a means of food.Rex was also one of them and his fate was predetermined,but the Americans bought him and warned the locals no to steal him,and if someone offended Rex,he would not like it.

Rex grew up healthy and affectionate,was friends with chickens and for a long time didn’t even try to attack one of them,on the contrary,protected from wild birds,scaring them away from his barking and the dog became a rel favorite of men.

And one day Rex managed to save one of the workers,Mike,from a snake bite.He was talking on the phone at that time and suddenly heard a dog barking from behind,turning around and saw a dangerous snake right next to him.
But the dog barked and distracted attention and the snake attacked her and saved Mike.For its courage,the dog was given a triple portion of goodies at once.But by the morning,the men saw that Rex was sad and sluggish,they thought he had a plague when the dog got even worse in the evening and gave him antibiotics.

They felt uncomfortable that Rex sacrificed himself,and they couldn’t help.The dog was heavily forged to the pipes and there he fled from his owners.By the morning,the dog was no longer visible and was not found.The dog,as dogs usually do,feeling the imminent outcome,went away from everyone.

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