Grandma took away meat from a stray dog…

Animals are vulnerable to both humans and nature,so they need our help and sympathy.Those who don’t have a home are the most vulnerable.Homeless animals do not arise from the air,they lose everything through the fault of people,but at the same time,most of us do not feel guilty to them.

The situation that happened this autumn showed that people reach absurdity in their cruelty.
I met a dog at the store,thin and frozen.The dog didn’t ask for anything,it was just lying,so that I couldn’t pass by.Going to the store to my shopping list,I also added half a kilo chilled chicken legs.I went to the dog and offered treat.The dog started eating,and I stepped aside.,What happened after was a real shock to me.

Then I saw a 70-year-old grandmother taking away the dog’s chicken legs.Quickly approaching the woman,I asked why she was doing it.In response,that grandmother started yelling at me with a loud voice.
I remembered this meeting very well,because it was a discovery for me that there can be so much anger in a person.It is difficult for me to understand how to take away food from an animal,especially realizing that he does not have a home and people who take care for it?

Why did a dog suddenly become an enemy for a man and why did it become an honorable occupation to offend the weak?I can’t find answers to these questions.

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