Fpr more than 10 hours,the dog lay in the snow and it was bleeding,but the residents passed by…

For many,the morning begins with the usual routine:fees and the way to kindergarten or to work.That was exactly how it was on this day,everyone was in a hurry on their own business without noticing how a dog could hardly crawl along the road,who could not even get up on his paws.

The dog was thin,so we were surprised when we found out that he had owners.
The owner works a lot and is not always at home not only during the day,but even at night,his wife is busy with children,so none of them paid much attention to the fact that Rich(that’s how the dog was called) sometimes ran away for a few days.

About 10 hours the dog was bleeding lying in the snow,and eternally hurrying people just walked by.Only Jonathan and Jack stopped near the dog.It was only thanks to them who wrote a post about help,that Rich needed.

The recovery took 3 months,one front paw could not be saved,several fingers were removed on the second,the pad was mutilated.M cured avitaminosis and castrated Rich,helped him believe people again.Now the dog is ready to go home.

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