For five months,a woman fought for the life of a pet…

Lauren has long wanted to look after her pet and therefore visited a shelter to look at the dogs.

Previously,she looked through the pictures of puppies and came to finally make a choice.However,as soon as she noticed Loki,who was being prepared for the last injection due to skin damage.

Lauren realized that she just had to save the dog that suffered so much.She immediately brought her to her house.There was not a single healthy millimeter on her body,but the woman didn’t give up and actively took up treatment.

She took her to the vet every day,gave injections and medicine,and Loki was very patient and endured everything steadfastly.It was as if she realized that it was the mistress who saved her from an imminent terrible fate.

Five longs months of struggle for life gave its results.It’s just incredible that the disease was cured and the skin completely healed from the infection.
The dog again began to gain weight and it became active and inquisitive.Now she does not miss the opportunity to express gratitude to her mistress and she has a new comfortable and joyful life with her beloved mistress.

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