For 3 years,the dog has been living without owners in an abandoned house and does not understand why he was treated like that.

The owners left the private house and they did not take the dog with them,but left it in the yard chained.It happened three years ago and Dolly lived alone all this time.

Dolly is a thoroughbred animal,a typical representative of Alabaev.The owners left her without thinking about what a chained animal woul eat or who might suffer if she broke away and escapes.
Our neighbors who fed her all three years told us about Dolly.As soon as we wrote that the puppy was looking for a family,dozens of people wrote us.It’s just a pity that they all wanted to get a dog not as a friend but for breeding and selling puppies.

Being on a chain and walking,Dolly didn’t leave her litters because she understood that her puppies had no chance of surviving.

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