Dog was wounded,couldn’t walk,crawled to warm up at the entrance,but from there he was put in the cold.

Volunteers received a letter from the girl.She wrote that there is a dog in the residential area of the city,which couldn’t walk.The animal crawls the road to the trade pavilion every day to get at least some food.

Residents of the building didn’t like the fact that the dig spends the night on the stair,so at night,when the frost fell outside,the dog was thrown out of the door.

The dog could only lie on the snow,tormented by cold and impotence,and belated passers-by simply turned away from it.When the volunteers arrived the animal was quickly taken to the clinic,and there they immediately decided to operate.
It is not possible to find a new home for a dog until she does not even have a curator who would come for a walk and talk to her.The dog is aware of its loneliness and suffers a lot.Why doesn’t anyone want to take care of her,what has she done to people?

The dog is very affectionate and kind,but at the same time he clearly need more care and attention than they can give him.I want to believe that this dog will still meet a man who will love her.

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