Despite the hunger the dog,having received a sausage,took it to the cat…

The red dog named Weisi spent all his life on the street.Every day he had to get food on his own.Weisi rarely met good people on his way,much more often he came across those who shouted at him,beat him or threw stones at him.

Although the dog was small,it had a huge heart.One day the dog met Olivia.The girl helped homeless animals.Olivia loves animals very much and she tried to help everyone who needs her care.

She couldn’t leave the hungry dog either.She put a sausage in front of the animal.Carefully raising his sausage with his teeth,Weisi ran around the corner of the
building.The girl followed the animal.
When the dog stopped,Olivia saw a cat literally squeezed into the wall.The dog approached the cat and put a sausage in front of her.

Olivia took both Weisi and the cat to the shelter where she worked.
Weisi and his friend have already gotten used to the shelter.Olivia claims that Weisi is the most obedient and sociable dog she has even met.

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