The guy saw a box swinging by the roadside.It’s not from the wind.It was rocked by puppies…
Jim,one of the volunteers,went to the city to get food for animals.On the way,he noticed a box that was standing near the roadside.It seems like nothing strange,but despite
They wanted to put to sleep homeless kittens,although the kids were completely healthy.
A homeless cat and her cubs got into a shelter.They were given a chance for a new life by taking Houston(Texas) shelter from the cold streets. The whole
When the mistress passed away,the cat was overtaken by a heart attack.She was lying without seeing anything in front of her…
Our pets love us with very sincere love no matter what and the loss of man is a real tragedy for them… This also happened to Leo,a cat
There was a dog lying on the roadside and crying…
Max was in the Attic,he was just lying on the ground and crying.When we arrived there were people next to the dog who were shocked. Just in front
People quit,but the dog couldn’t quit,it became a mother for the abandoned kitten.
Kobe lived on the street and ran between the yards in search of food.In many yards there were people who treated the dog with sympathy.In one yard she
The dog behaves as if he apologizes for being alive.
The story of Zeus(the dog’s names) began with Ann’s call.The woman asked if there was a place for a dog in the shelter,because it is ow difficult to
A pregnant cat was sitting wet in the rain:there was nowhere to go,she asked for food n the road…
It was raining in Hawaii,but the cat had nowhere to hide,she was just sitting on the street.The cat was noticed in the morning,and in the evening it became
He used a dog for breeding,and when he became unnecessary,he threw it into the trash can.
In one of the cities in Ohio,passers-by heard the squeal of a dog coming from a huge garbage can.Employees of the shelter located in a neighboring city found
The owners tied the dog near the store and disappeared around the nearest corner.
This story happened in an American city.Near the local supermarket,the guards noticed a dog tied under the canopy,where buyers leave carts.The dog was muzzled and collar,so the guards
The cat is friends with a dog who decides to help look after her capricious kittens.
A pregnant striped cat got into the family for overexposure,where she was identified by volunteers.At the age of about two,she was extremely friendly to people,self-confident and immediately felt
For five months,a woman fought for the life of a pet…
Lauren has long wanted to look after her pet and therefore visited a shelter to look at the dogs. Previously,she looked through the pictures of puppies and came
A 101-year-old woman adopted a 20-year-old cat who was handed over to a shelter by previous owners.
This incredibly touching story,told by animal rights activists,will definitely make you cry. Gus was 19 years old when he ended up in a shelter in South Carolina for
A resident of America carried a large elderly dog for 16 kilometers,passing through the border.
The brave woman got into the headlines after an incredible manifestation of love and courage,which she demonstrated by literally transporting her beloved dog across the border from terrifying
The rescued kangaroo can’t stop hugging the volunteers who saved her life.
Meet Abigail,also known as the «hugging kangaroo.»This is a very grateful and affectionate rescued kangaroo. And the thing is that while most other rescued kangaroos spend time wandering
A military dog doesn’t relax even at the airport,guarding a sleeping soldier.
In the United States Army,dogs play a vital role,constantly risking their lives,protecting other.They have many skills and abilities that people lack,for example,they use their strong sense of smell