British kitty named Baron was surrounded by dogs and no longer hoped for his salvation.

It was in winter.Time was approaching dinner,usually by that hour stray animals gather under my windows,waiting for me to take out their food.Leaving the entrance,I saw dogs surrounded the cat in a dense ring.The cat in our yard was new and was clearly scared of what was happening.

When dogs saw me they looked at me and at that moment the poor kitty escaped anywhere.By pointing a flash light beam at the cat,I was able to see it.The kitty turned out to be British with charming small ears and big eyes.The cat was trembling and knocking his teeth,it’s not clear from the cold or from fear.

I took him to my house.At home,Baron immediately ran into the bath and hid there from my pets.The cat was clearly very hungry and judging by his thinness,he didn’t eat enough.To feed him,I had to hold my toes in my hands.
The veterinarians did not find serious diseases and sending a cat outside would be cruel so Baron moved to a house that is rented for animals.

The cat quickly got along with other animals even with dogs gradually found a common language.
Neither its appearance nor calm character helped Baron find a family.So far,no one wants to give him a house,but Baron waits and believes that one day he will be taken from overexposure to his own house.

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