Because of lightning,the kittens were orphaned and lost their homes.

Lightening orphaned a dog,two cats and several small kittens.We got a call from the neighbors of people affected by lightning.The neighbors wanted to take the dog,but they had no place for cats,so they asked to find a new home for them.

When we arrived at the place,we immediately saw that the lightning left only ruins from home.A cat came out of the rubble of the house,which could not understand what had happened to her house and where the people,who took care of her,went.The cat looked at people,but she didn’t even see her owners among them.

It wasn’t a problem to catch the cat.As soon as we took the cat in our arms,it had to be released,because her babies were crying under the rubble.For two hours we were looking for kids without paying attention to the rain,but we couldn’t find them.We didn’t take the cat without her children.

The second cat was more cautious and did not approach us.The dog was very scared,not surprisingly,because her booth burned right in front of her eyes.We couldn’t take the animal away,we only resin to feed them.We will make another attempt to find the kittens and take them with us,in case of failure we will take more food to the house.

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