An elephant from the wild comes to see the man who saved her and show his baby to him.

It’s been almost 20 years since this elephant named Sun was found lonely in the wild of Africa.Then she was still a newborn,unfortunately orphaned after separation from her mother.But,fortunately,Sun was briefly left without parental love and care.

Sun was rescued with the help of animal rights activists of the wildlife park in Kenya.It was there that she first met Benjamin,the main caretaker of the reserve,who plays the role of owner and,in fact,replaces her mother for orphaned elephants like her.

Under the supervision of Benjamin,Sun grew up happy and healthy,learning from him and other caretakers all the subtleties of being an elephant.
In 2009,Sun had already become quite independent and therefore left the reserve with the permission of her guardians to live in the wild,her natural environment.However,as it turned out,despite her free life,she remembered the man who saved and raised her,Benjamin.

«Although more than 10 years have passed since Sun decided to return to the wild,it seems that she never forgets the kindness shown to her,» Benjamin said.
Never before it has been more obvious than when Sun decided to get out of the wild to visit Benjamin,taking her own baby to meet the man who raised her.

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