An adult horse saves a young foal who was going to the bottom of the river..

Meet Champ,a wild stallion who has demonstrated how compassionate and selfless some animals can be.
He lives in the Tonto National Forest in Arizona,and it was here that a wonderful incident occurred,fortunately for us,he was captured by a park volunteer named Becky Standridge.

Champ and his herd gazed on the banks of the Salt River when another group of horses appeared on the opposite bank.Among them were two young,playful foals.Champ and his family were interested in other horses.

Champ and several horses began to cross the river to greet other horses,when suddenly the flow of the river drove a young filly underwater.She was tightened underwater,and she surfaced in panic.

Champ swam up to her and tried to grab her by the neck,but couldn’t .The filly began to be carried downstream,But Champ didn’t give up.He separated from the group and followed it.Then he was able to grab her by the neck from behind.

He didn’t let her go until she safely returned ashore.Once on the bank of the river,the filly was relieved to go straight to her horse mother.Champ continued to look at other horses from the neighboring herd,seeing them off.
He met a stallion from another group,and two horses greeted each other with mutual respect.

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