Abandoned puppies were rescued and now they are waiting for the owner.

The heart breaks when we hear or see these weak and vulnerable small creatures being irresponsibly thrown away.They are at the age when they need care and love most,but many people don’t care.However,we still have kind people ready to do everything possible to help these fluffy creatures.

One of the animal protection organizations reported three puppies abandoned in the park,so they quickly went to rescue them.
When they arrived at the park,the puppies were no longer seen.People showed them where the puppies were.First,they found two puppies lying under a tree.Then they found the third one sitting nearby.

They realized that the puppies were being fed because three were bowls of food and water nearby,so they were not hungry.But the park wasn’t good place for them.They needed a house and proper care.The little puppies were about two months old,and they were very shy.They were taken to the vet for examination.In the vet.they were vaccinated.Two puppies were very cheerful and one black puppy was just sitting in the corner.He looked scared and sad.The rescue was in no hurry to calm him down,trying to make sure that now she was in safe hands.Gradually,he began to join his sisters.

Fortunately,after the shelter posted photos of the puppies on Facebook,two of them were adopted.The latter’s name is Lucy and she is looking for a caring family.Lucy is so cute.I hope that she will soon get a satisfactory house and start a new happy life.

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