A smart cat lures a dog into his cage to be able to be alone.

The cat named Milo was once homeless,but he was not satisfied with this situation,so he wandered into the yard to Ann,who became his mistress.He was spoiled,surrounded by love and care as a pet for several years.However,everything changed when the girl sheltered Beckham’s golden retriever.

The rescued cat is used to being pampered by his mistress,and always gets his way.Ann shares that Luna prefers only the best:toys,food,conditions,as well as the mistress’s attention.
Therefore,when a puppy suddenly appeared,Milo was not delighted that he had to share the attention of his mistress.Luna snuggles against him from time to time,and the dog is delighted with it.But in other cases,Luna gets irritated and hisses at him.

The dog loves the cat and constantly wants to play with him,hug and generally achieve his favor.
Whenever Milo annoys Beckham,he goes and sits down in a cage.Since Beckham always wants to be next to Milo,he follows him there.Then Milo pulls the door,quickly leaving the cage.

Milo has been locking his younger friend in a cage for three months now,and the puppy never understood what’s going on.But the more time the two animals spend together,the closer they get.And even Milo can’t help but cuddle with his friend from time to time.

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