A pregnant cat was sitting wet in the rain:there was nowhere to go,she asked for food n the road…

It was raining in Hawaii,but the cat had nowhere to hide,she was just sitting on the street.The cat was noticed in the morning,and in the evening it became clear that during this time she had not moved at all.The round belly testified that the cat would soon became a mother.

Birthday,and the next day,congratulating me on the holiday,my friend said that she was standing on the street with a cat in her arms,but she could not take her home.
Instead of celebrating,I went to get a cat.Locals say that the cat had a mistress,but she passed away,and the heirs sold the house.The cat moved to the barn.but as soon as the new owners moved in,she couldn’t stay there.

The cat began to live on the street and come to the road every day to ask for food from people hurrying to work.I took the cat to a veterinarian clinic.Son the cat gave birth,but the kids didn’t survive.The vet said that kids appeared ahead of schedule,so they were too weak.

While the cat is in isolation.She is affectionate,she loves both people and her neighbor.The girl really needs a loving family.

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