A policeman shares an umbrella with stray dogs during a heavy rain…

Over the past few days,heavy rains have flooded the streets of Calcutta,one of the largest cities in India,forcing people and animals to look for a safe place during a storm.Therefore,it seemed quite natural to Constable Muhammad that he should help those in need.

Last Saturday,Muhammad watched traffic at a busy intersection and two wet stray dogs noticed him standing in the middle of the street and ran to him.Then the policeman offered two dogs to hide under his big umbrella.

A passerby photographed a small but very touching gesture of kindness and shared it on social media,touching people around the world.

The number of stray dogs in India is approximately 35 to 40 million.To help them and completely solve this problem.it is worth doing a long and painstaking job.
And for these two grateful dogs,the kindness shown by this policeman was a real happiness and a ray of hope in an indifferent world.

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