A police dog found a girl missing a few months ago by smell

Police dogs often do what their colleagues are simply not capable of.Their incredible sense of smell proved useful for various tasks related to the maintenance of order,including the search for missing or kidnapped people.

The dog,which was from one of the American counties,was proclaimed a real hero for recently finding a missing girl.6-year-old Kinzley Reader was kidnapped by her father,Nicholas Reader,and the authorities were concerned about her safety.

The authorities believed that the father took his daughter to the countryside in one of the houses.It turned out to be a case in which the use of a dog,such as this dog,to find the missing child was very useful and therefore an experienced dog named Fred was involved in the search.

At the beginning of his police career,Fred helped find a missing 13-year-old boy who escaped from home.Since Fred provided such assistance in the previous case,the officers hoped that he would also be able to help find the kidnapped girl.

The officers gave Fred a piece of clothing belonging to Nicholas Reader.This allowed the dog to catch his smell.Then Fred followed this smell from the man’s house to the area of the city,where he was believed to be hiding with his kidnapped daughter.

Thanks to Fed,the officers established a place where they could find the girl.The dog ran towards her and licked her face,and the girl hugged him in a while.

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