A man saved the life of a dog who was abandoned by rewinding his face with tape.

Alex spent a day off at home,but suddenly he wanted to go to the store for something delicious and decided to walk there instead of going by car.It turned out that fate itself directed hi on this road on foot.

Passing over the bridge,he heard unusual sound,he realized that it was whining.It was dark under the bridge and it was very difficult to see anything.
The man had a small flashlight with him and he went down to the bridge to find the animal.A few minutes later,a tiny frightened puppy was found there,whose face was tightly tied with tape.

Alex pulled out the baby.then he found a clinic and handed over the dog to veterinarians,and he went to the store.Veterinarians claimed that the dog lived in this state for several days.
He was very exhausted an if the man hadn’t found him in time,his condition would have been deplorable.

The clinic staff,during their many years of practice,have not seen such terrible cruelty.They wrote about the dog on social media and,fortunately,he managed to find caring owners.

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