A little cat crawled along the road with a strange lace tied to his neck.

Henry was on the way to Yorknes,a suburb of New York and suddenly noticed how a tiny animal crawls very slowly along the highway,at the busiest time.

Approaching,Henry noticed that it was a kitten,so he slowed down to go out and help the baby.The cat sat down at a bus stop where there were a lot of people,but no one even noticed him.

If it were not for the guy,the fluffy could well have been hit under the wheels,and when he approached he noticed that a lace was wound on the skinny neck,which made him very outraged,as obviously the lace was wound on purpose.

He carefully untied him,and the cat was so scared that he didn’t even look at him,but didn’t resist either.When the baby was free from the lace,he began to meow,that is before that,he could not even give a voice because of the cord that tightly squeezed the neck.

But even when he was released,he did not scratch,and in the car he clogged under the seat,hiding there.Then Henry contacted the shelter,asking for help.It turned out that the baby was two and a half months old and,despite what happened to him,he had no serious health problem.He was very skinny,scratched but there were no serious violations.

Then the girl named Liza found out about the baby and wanted to become his mistress and she moved to the shelter very quickly,incredibly happy that her children would finally have a kitten.
That’s what the cat was called — Lace and now he lives at Liza’s house and began to find out what love and care are.

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