A hopeless dog licked the hands of all passing people as long as they could help.

The disease of a dog named Max began suddenly.The dog felt good,but one day he just couldn’t get up,because his paws failed.The owner did not want to waste time and money on the treatment of the dog and took him to the clinic to put him to sleep.

Waiting for an injection,Max licked the hands of everyone who approached him in the clinic.The dog really wanted to live and used all the ways to show that he didn’t want to die.
Doctors decided to give the dog a chance,because despite the disease,he didn’t lose the desire to live,which is what often provides good results of treatment.

Max had to undergo a rehabilitation course,which included several types of therapy and various training.There were volunteers next to him at all classes.
After a while,the dog got better,he was able to walk on his own,and a little later even run.

Volunteers were imbued with Max not only with lobe,but also with respect.His courage and thirst for life caused real delight.The dog very steadfastly endured all adversity and didn’t lose optimism.

Max found a new family in which he lives a happy full life,receiving and giving love.

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