A homeless dog fell asleep sweetly on its savior’s shoulder.

A man named Noah went to visit his sister in the UAE and suddenly came across a stray dog on the street.The animal was sheltered from the heat under the car and,fortunately,the workers sometimes fed it.

The dog’s state was terrible:his harness peeled off and he was somehow standing on his paws,it seemed to fall off.And so what we least expected happened.

The dog,seeing Noah,hugged him as if it were her old friend,although they had never seen each other before.The man realized that leaving her would be a strong betrayal.He invited the dog to his car and then he sat down on the man’s knees,putting his head on his saviors shoulder.Noah was amazed by this behavior of the dog,it was such tenderness and warmth,as well as instant trust that he realized that he had no other way out.

They went home together and then a fairly long and difficult paperwork began in order to take the dog from Dubai with them to the USA,but the man was not stopped by this and now the rescued dog lives on another continent in a comfortably home and will never have to face life difficulties again.

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