A homeless dog drives in a subway all alone every day…

Met Loki,a stray dog that pleases a large number of passengers every day.People noticed a large dog of brown color,which entered all kinds of public transport,from buses to ferries.He was nicknamed Loki and has already become an avid traveler.

The puppy is perfectly oriented in the subway,so there is a feeling that the dog comes there for a specific purpose,as if to work.It was sent to the vet for an examination.
Loki appears so often in transport that he has already become a real celebrity of the city.He either falls asleep on the seat of a tram,subway or bus,or enters the ferry enjoying the breeze.

His character is sociable and friendly.In addition,Loki is known as a polite passenger,from whom many people should definitely follow the example.
Loki visits about 30 stations and its route is up to 30 km daily throughout the city,greeting his adored admirers along the way.While most people are in a hurry to get off the subway or bs,this is Loki’s favorite place.

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