A faithful dog waited a week on the railway tracks until his owners returned for him.

Suzette Hall receives messages every day about stray dogs in the town of Irwin,California.But when she read an urgent request for a dog thrown out of the car on the railway tracks,she realized that she had to act immediately,leaving all things.
The black Labrador refused to move from where he last saw his owners.Despite the fat that it was dangerous on the railway tracks,he lay down right where he was left and waited.Despite the fact that he was hungry,he did not go looking for food — because the family could come back for him.

When Hall arrived on the railway tracks,she found the dog exactly where she was told that it should be.At first he ran away,but she threw him a piece of chicken,he was frightened,but hunger prevailed.
Hall sat up a trap with goodies in a cage and hid so as not to scare the dog.She was worried that he would need time to risk going to get food.
Hall called the dog Soldier and immediately took him to the vet for examination.

Now Soldier is undergoing treatment,he will receive all vaccinations and very soon,thanks to a dedicated volunteer,he will find a house.

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