A dog,who has been waiting for adoption for 279 days,is worried before his first family photo.

Malcolm was taken to the Michigan Animal Shelter when he was seen wandering the street.It turned out that Malcolm was learning quickly,and it didn’t take everyone long to understand what an incredible dog he was.

When people entered his kennel,he often greeted them with a toy in his mouth,jumping in a circle and joyfully shaking his ass.It was always easy to introduce new volunteers to him,all you had to do was feed him goodies.

Everyone was sure that Malcolm wouldn’t take much time to find the best owners,but unfortunately is wasn’t like that.
Day after day,Malcolm watched other dogs be adopted while he was still waiting.Fortunately,he didn’t seem to mind life and soon he became very close to all employees and volunteers,and that’s how he found his eternal house.

When the day finally came when Malcolm set off with his new permanent family,everyone was excited.Even Malcolm seemed to feel like it was a special day,and when it was time to take his first family photo,his smile was more eloquent than any words.

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