A dog which weighed a kilogram,was kept on a chain to bark in the village.

One of our volunteers,Ryan,went to work in the field.On the way,he met a woman who lived with him in the same village.The woman asked for help and Ryan,canceling his plans,followed her.

Entering the yard,Ryan was shocked.There was a booth in the yard,it was old and fell apart just in front of his eyes.A heavy chain stretched from the booth and nearby there was a dirty bowl with no less dirty water in it.

A tiny dog hardly got out of the booth,it was so thin and weak that it barely kept on its paws.The animal looked at the mistress,and then looked at Ryan.In the eyes of the dog,Ryan saw only pain and hopelessness.

The situation shocked Ryan.He saw for the first time a dog weighing no more than a kilogram sitting on a chain.The baby was poorly fed,because even for its size it looked very exhausted.

In the village,this attitude towards animals is more of a rule than an exception.It’s very difficult to change the situation.
At first sight,it was noticeable that the puppy was not just tired,but also sick.Ryan realized that leaving the dog in this house means sentenced her to an ambulance,but painful death.

Having told his neighbor everything he thinks about her,Ryan said that he would take the poor baby.But it couldn’t stay with Ryan for a long time,because he took care of several large animals,so it went to live with Chris and Michelle.

The baby turned out to be smart and kind.She quickly learned to endure before walking,got used to other animals.So far,it is most difficult to get used to the fact that she is loved and taken care of without demanding anythings in return.

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