A devoted dog refuses to leave his beloved owner when he was taken to the hospital.

Recently,while working in one of the Brazilian clinics,therapist Igor Diaz and his colleagues were lucky enough to witness a true manifestation of great love and devotion on the part of the dog for his owner.

After the owner of the dog fell ill,an ambulance was sent to their home to take him to the hospital.The dog was there and watched his owner be loaded into the car,but he refused to leave his friend.When the ambulance left,the dog faithfully followed her.

The dog followed the car up to the hospital.When puppy’s owner stabilized,he was taken outside to be closer to an excited pet.The dog ran in a moment and began to lick his hands and kiss him.
Fortunately,the owner of the dog was discharged from the hospital in just a few hours.

For Diaz,whose job is to take care of the physical health of the patient,it was nice to know that he has such a devoted,loving dog who also cares about his moral health exactly when he needed it most.

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