A desperate pregnant dog in the parking lot looked sadly at all passers-by…

An unhappy and deeply pregnant dog was hanging around in the parking lot in front of the grocery store.The dog was looking for food there,but judging by its appearance,she also really needed the help of people,which she tried to get,plaintively looking into the eyes of passers-by.

One of the customers paid attention to the dog.The woman took the dog with her,fed it and warmed it up.A day later the animal was brought to the vet for an examination.The vet said ht very soon the dog would give birth to babies on its own.

The dog became a mother two days later,her kids appeared in the house of a woman who decided to give her shelter.The unexpected was the number of puppies — fifteen.

The mother dog expressed her gratitude for any help and calmly treated the fact that the new mistress approached her puppies.
While a woman takes care of both the dog and its numerous offspring,but as soon as the puppies become independent,they will need to find new homes.

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